Alex Synge
Alex is a photographer and designer, currently based in Dublin. He founded Keep Sketch in the summer of 2010.

Dave Comiskey
Dave Comsikey is a graphic designer and illustrator based in Dublin. As well as producing work for a number of personal projects and exhibitions, Dave has also done work for the Irish Design Shop, Turtlehead and The Loft Bookshop.

Fuchsia Macaree
Fuchsia recently graduated from Visual Communication in The National College of Art & Design in Dublin, and is currently doing an MA in Illustration in Camberwell, London.

Kathi Burke
Kathi is a graphic designer and illustrator living in Dublin City with her hamster Steven Gerrard. She has just finished her BDES in Viscomm, NCAD & is interning in Dynamo Studio.

Mark Crawford
Mark is a Dublin based multimedia designer with a specific interest in illustration & web design. He has done work for And So I Watch You From Afar, Pictoplasma and The Dublin Flea Market.

Philip Kennedy
Philip lives and works in Dublin where he graduated from The National College of Art & Design in 2008. Over the years he has worked on a number of commercial and personal projects and he also contributes as a writer to the website The Fox Is Black. He continues to passionately create things from a small studio in the center of the city.

Ross Henderson
Combining his experience in graffiti and street art, and college training in Furniture Design, Ross uses mixed media and methods to create images that are both highly detailed and eye-catching.

Stephen Maurice Graham
Stephen is a freelance illustrator based in Belfast. His work has been used for a variety of media, magazine editorials, online features, advertising and album artwork to cover just a few. He has boundless passion and energy for his craft and tries to distil this into each piece which bristle with subtle narratives, eclectic form and playful colouration.